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Shielding stories - insights & reflections of lockdown life

We wanted to share with you the impact our support services have on families and individuals living with CGD and how they can make a real difference to families when they are facing difficult times.

Here's some incredible families and their stories, during these difficult times.

We asked our CGD community to share their experiences of shielding and lockdown, at the start of the pandemic.

Rhea kindly shared her story here: Rhea's video

Story shared : 15 October 2020


One of these amazing families are the Stockwells and we were lucky enough to speak with Angela recently, about her amazing son, Sam.

Click here for their story :  Meet the Stockwells

Story shared : 4 June 2020

Meet the Gruessers ...

Another incredible family we caught up with is the wonderful Gruessers.  We spoke to Rhea about their experience and she wrote a wonderful account.

Click here for their story : Meet the Gruessers

Story shared: 24 May 2020



Meet Anca L.Szilágyi...

Originally from Brooklyn, Anca has lived in Montreal, Seattle, and now Chicago. Anca is an X-Linked Carrier and wanted to share her story which was published in Another Chicago Magazine in April 2020. Anca is the author of the novel Daughters of the Air

Read Ancas story here

Story shared: 10th June 2020