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CGD Society Research Portfolio

The CGD Society, and its predecessor the CGD Research Trust, has been funding a range of projects over the years, from basic science research, such as understanding the disease mechanisms in CGD, to more applied research, including gene therapy trials for CGD.  Since 1997 we have invested nearly £3.5m in research into CGD.

Here we summarise our success stories in all the areas of our research strategy:

  • Development of a cure for X-linked CGD by gene therapy moving from laboratory studies to human trials: Our funding supported the first proof of principle experiments to clinical trials of gene therapy for CGD. This has led to commercial interest in bringing this therapy into mainstream medicine and will pave the way for the development of gene therapy for the other forms of CGD.
  • Establishment of new research tools to study CGD: These include the development of animal and cellular models of CGD that can be used to understand biochemical and physiological pathways in CGD, test drugs and the safety of gene therapy reagents.
  • Improving diagnosis: Developing new methods to better diagnosis the autosomal forms of CGD.
  • Finding better treatments: Funding research into repurposing of a drug, already used clinically to treat another condition, that was found to help fight infection and reduce inflammation in a CGD animal model. This work led to the start of clinical trials in CGD patients.
  • Increased knowledge of the prevalence and clinical outcomes of CGD patients:  Through the development of UK and European registries.

Other key outcomes of our research funding include:

  • Leverage of at least £3.6 million in research funding from other grant giving bodies to continue the studies pump-primed by CGD Society grants
  • 84 scientific articles published in high standard research journals
  • The training of 5 PhD students helping build knowledge and adding to the science workforce
  • The forging of international research collaborations between groups.

You can find out more about the outcomes of all the grants we have funded on the links below.

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