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Cost of living crisis information to support families in the UK


 ‘Help for Households’ - resources on how to get support with energy bills, household costs, childcare costs, and what discounts and offers are available.

Warm Home Discount Scheme – the scheme will reopen again in November 2022. This may offer some people on benefits assistance or with low incomes towards electrical bills.

Getting help from your supplier for customer in debt – support with debt repayment schemes.

Help paying bills using your benefits – paying debts for energy bills out of benefits payments.

Charitable Trusts

Some energy companies have set up Charitable Trusts which customers can apply to for charitable assistance if they are finding it challenging to meet energy costs.

If the patient’s energy supplier doesn’t have a Trust (not every supplier does) then they can apply to British Gas Energy Trust for assistance, as their charitable scheme isn’t restricted to British Gas customers.

Most charities will expect that customers apply to a debt/money advice organisation for assistance before approaching them. Families/patients can find a debt advisor here. There may be other

charities who could assist with energy costs, by providing grants (money which doesn’t need to be

paid back.


Families can search for grants and schemes they may be able to apply to here. (Turn2Us)

Benefits check

It is recommended that families get a benefits check from their local benefits advice service to check whether they are receiving all of the financial support that they are entitled to, as an increase in income may help the family to meet ongoing costs.

They can find a local benefits advisor by using this tool.

Energy efficient upgrades

The family may also be able to access energy efficiency support, to access energy efficient upgrades to their home.

Disability Energy Support


The charity Scope offer disabled people and their families advice regarding energy support. Patients/families can complete this form to apply for Energy Support to get an appointment.

If they can’t wait for an appointment, they can email


LEAP offer similar support (to broader groups, not just people with disabilities).


Charity for families with disabled children: help with household bills Cost of living support and advice

Citizens Advice

Useful information on their website such as getting grants, better deals and changing supplier, in addition to a consumer specialist helpline.


If patients have an oxygen concentrator, they can get a rebate for the electricity the concentrator uses from the company that supplies their concentrator. They can contact the company that supplies their concentrator to ask for this.


In terms of enquiries about contacting MPs/Lobbying, aside from constituent representative MPs,

there may be MP’s with a particular interest in disability/energy bills/fuel poverty.

Attached some All Party Parliamentary Groups which may have a particular interest in this type of

case as PDF’s (includes lead MP’s who are members of the APPG):

Contact Campaign – opportunity for families and patients to take part in the Cost of Living Inquiry.

Government Comms

The Government has produced a communication assets folder designed for sharing information about Cost of Living support on social media channels. a guide to these is available here.

14 October 2022 - This information was gathered by Emma Lear (Welfare Officer, LTV Central Team, London), Geraldine Munn-Mace (Lead Nurse, North Thames Paediatric Network) and Elaine O’Brien (LTV Lead Nurse, North West ODN). Information was correct at the time.