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Treatment of liver abscesses in CGD

Research published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases has indicated that liver abscesses are best managed with corticosteroids in addition to antibiotics, rather than by invasive techniques.

Liver abscesses are a serious complication of CGD and are treated using antibiotics together with either high-dose corticosteroids or invasive surgery procedures. The US-based study reviewed the medical records of 268 CGD patients enrolled at the National Institutes of Health and compared the outcomes of patients who had liver (hepatic) problems according to how they had been treated.

The study found that about a third (88/268) of CGD patients reviewed had liver problems, indicating a high proportion of people can be affected by this complication. Those patients who had been treated with high-dose corticosteroids were found to have needed fewer subsequent hepatic interventions and had an improved outcome compared with those who had undergone invasive treatments. The research adds to a growing weight of evidence on how best to manage liver abscesses in CGD.


The Changing Paradigm of Management of Liver Abscesses in Chronic Granulomatous Disease

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