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Study shows improved quality of life following stem cell transplantation

Children with CGD experience a quality of life similar to that of healthy young people following a stem cell procedure such as a bone marrow transplant (BMT), according to a recent study.

It compares the quality of life and emotional well being of children with CGD who are treated conventionally with daily antibiotics or anti-fungals and those who had a BMT to treat the condition.

“This is an important finding and adds strength to the advantages of treating CGD using stem cell transplantation,” says Dr Andrew Gennery, who headed the study, published by the expert centres in BMT for CGD in Newcastle and London.

“We hope this data will help support parents further in making this important decision for their child.”


Two perspectives

Dr Gennery and his team used specially designed questionnaires adapted for use with children so they themselves could report on how the condition affects them. They also asked parents to report on their impressions of how having CGD affects their child.

“Both perspectives showed that quality of life is reduced in CGD and having CGD can be associated with increased emotional difficulties,” says Dr Gennery.

“Importantly, when comparisons were made between those who that had or had not undergone a stem cell transplant, we found that quality of life increased to the levels seen in healthy children.”


More information

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