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BMT - Listen to the Experts

Experts can express differing views on bone marrow transplantation (BMT). In this section we aim to give you access to a variety of opinion and expertise on the suitability of donors, the risks and the likely outcomes for children and adults.

From the 2018 family conference

From the 2015 family conference

From the 2012 family conference

Dr Robert Chiesa - Bome Marrow Transplantation


Dr. Paul Veys (September 2012)

In this film, Dr. Paul Veys of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, England, gives an overview of BMT for patients affected by CGD. He discusses the different types of donors, the BMT process and success rates.

Dr. Andrew Gennery (September 2012)

In this film, Dr. Andrew Gennery of the Great North Children's Hospital, England, provides a summary of BMT. He discusses the terminology used, the process and the impact of BMT on quality of life.

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